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Determining How to Protect a Company's Goodwill with Trademarks

Trademark Counseling

bulletInterview the client to determine what the client wants to protect.
bulletIdentify how the client uses the mark or intends to use the mark.
bulletDetermine how the mark is being used in commerce.
bulletDetermine what kind of trademark application (Federal or State) needs to be filed.

Trademark Application Preparation

bulletPrepare a proper written description of how the client is using the mark with the goods or services.
bulletGather the proper drawings and/or specimens for the application.
bulletPrepare the application and file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
bulletDuring formal examination, review any rejection basis and prepare responses to overcome any rejections.
bulletUpon issuance of the trademark registration, advise the client how to protect their trademark with proper identification and usage on the product and on advertising and marketing materials.

International Trademark Applications

bulletPrepare International Trademark Applications, including the Madrid Protocol.
bulletOversee and administer foreign trademark filings.


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