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Obtaining Patents (prosecution): preparing and guiding patent applications through the formal examination process to intended issued patent.

Preparing the Application

bulletMeeting with the Inventor and becoming familiar with the invention and the related area.
bulletConducting and reviewing a professional search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other relevant databases (Preliminary Novelty Search) for the claimed invention.
bulletWriting the Specification and Claims and Preparing Drawings.

Formal Examination

bulletAfter filing the application, guiding the application through the formal examination process.
bulletWe will review and analyze any official Office Action (written communication from the Patent Examiner regarding the merits of a patent application claims) and inform the client of how best to respond.
bulletWe will prepare an appropriate written response to the Office Action to overcome any objections or rejections to the claims; if successful in overcoming all objections and rejection points, our response will lead to a Notice of Allowance of the patent application claims.
bulletUpon payment of the Issue Fee, a U.S. Patent will be issued.

International Patent Applications

bulletAdvising the client and determining where the client needs to file for patent protection outside of the U.S. market.
bulletPreparing Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Applications.
bulletOverseeing and administering foreign and "National Filing" applications.
bulletCoordination of International Patents within the overall patent plan for the client.



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